Comiket 81: Figma Samus

In a surprise display which sent waves through the toy collecting community around the world, Max Factory revealed that it had somehow managed to secure the license to create both a Samus Aran Figma and PVC.

Recently at Comiket 81, Max Factory had the prototypes on display for all to see and thanks to Moeyo those who were unable to attend have been able to get a better look.

First up, the Figma, which is based on Samus’ power suit from Metroid Other M. I saw a lot of concern about this, but honestly I think the Figma is looking really good. The slicker and smoother design of the power suit lends itself to the Figma style well and once you distance the figure from the bad taste the game may have left in your mouth you might realise it’s not that bad.

Let’s be honest here though, what are the chances of there being a better Samus power suit articulated figure being released? Probably not very high, at least not any time in the future.

No word on what type of accessories will be included, some effect parts would be ideal, so would a morph ball, just because.

No specific release date other then 2012 at the moment, no doubt we will hear about it sooner or later though as the prototype shown looks more or less ready for retail.

Images via Moeyo


One Response to Comiket 81: Figma Samus

  1. PajamaHero says:

    Looks sick. I need it to adorn my collection of game related paraphernalia on my desk.

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