Comiket 81: Zero Suit Samus

Hot on the heels of Figma Samus is the PVC of Samus in her Zero Suit.

I don’t know if her Zero suit was as shiny as this rendition but it does add statue as I think non metallic paint would probably look a little flat.

The controversial heels are present given this too is based off the Other M Design.

The inclusion of the Metroid is a nice touch and could always be used with Figma Samus if Max Factory see git not to include one with it. Yeah it won’t be in scale, but it will be better than nothing, but here’s hoping they don’t skimp.

One thing that does bug me about the design and this is really only a problem when it is being applied to the PVC is, that Samus’ “Beauty Mark”, I can’t help but see it is a paint defect, seeming it is so small.

Will that stop me from buying it? No, but it does annoy me.

So far they are aiming for a June 2012 release, but we all know how Max Factory can be, so it could always shift further into the year. Pre Orders should be up soon I imagine.

Images Via Moeyo


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