Tony Taka 2012 Calendar

For a long while, I was never really one to bother with calendars, I mean, I never really saw the point. That of course was until a few years ago where I got my first anime B2 sized calendar.

Suddenly Calendars were not about keeping track of the actual date, they were just another poster, this one had a purpose, thinly veiled as it was. So began the tradition of getting a new anime themed calendar each year, titles from Code Geass to Soul Eater have had the privilege to grace my walls.

Come 2012 though, I was finding myself not really into any of the designs. They were either uninspired or quite simply, not of a series I liked. Then I came across the Tony Taka(T2) Select Calendar.

I have always been a fan Tony Taka’s artwork; he even manages to bring a certain class to his H-images. That said though, I could not help but baulk a little at the idea of some of T2’s work on my wall for any visitors to see.

Push came to shove though and I caved and ordered (luckily before it sold out!) and now that it is here, I am glad I did, as it is easily one of the best calendars I have imported from Japan – No question.

While many of the images have most likely seen before are mostly from his previous collections, they have never been presented like this. On nice paper stock, the printing and image quality is top notch.

I won’t even bother discussing the art works quality, as it’s simply amazing, what you expect from T2.

Unlike a lot of B2 Calendars it comes in a box, but is rolled inside, this might annoy some, as you won’t be able to combine it with any other calendars. It will also cause shipping charges to be higher, what can you do though.

There are 12 pages in all plus the cover, worth noting that is double that of the average anime calendar, which are happy to have two months per page. The cover looks great too; it was almost a shame to tear it off. I don’t know if you will be able to see it in the photo below, but the text is shiny, which has a nice effect.

The dates at the bottom of the page have public holidays marked, (each month having their own little unique icon) of course these are Japanese dates, but let’s be honest here, 9/10 chance you won’t be consulting this calendar for the date.

One little complaint is that the dates do not have what day of the week they are above them, however, this is only a minor complaint which does nothing to hinder the quality of the calendar.

Oh, before we are done, here it is on the wall.

There is a point where words can only say so much, so below feast upon the images of each month. If you can still find this in stock I highly recommend it.

A must for every Tony Taka Fan.


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