Ghetto Nendoroid Repairs

It’s the sound all toy collectors fear, that slight bump, the hiss of the slow slide and worst of all, the loud crash that rings out in the void of night.

Then, there is the combination of all three. A sliding book leads to one thing falling, which in turns causes a poor nendoroid to plummet to the floor, not the first time it has happened, but it is the first time that one ended up with a broken neck joint and my first attempt to try and repair it.

The nendoroid in question was Mashiro from Bakuman, so among the ruins of his desk he laid there lifeless, his head and body separated at different ends of the room, so I guess he managed to fall with some force – I would have hated to see if it was not on carpet.

Now, sometime in the past Mikatan put up a blog post on fixing broken Nendoroid joints, but it used some fancy tools. Ok, Not really, but I didn’t have anything save for some pins and a needle to try and get that stuck joint out.

As you can see from this photo, I stuck the pin down into the neck joint (by the way, I don’t recommend a pin that is rusty, as I learned the hard way it marks VERY EASY). Once it is in, it’s a simple method of putting it at an angle to get  leverage to pull it out, might take a couple of tries, but it works.

The part of the joint stuck in the head touch more difficult, given that that it was wider and thus harder to get a pin through. So I had to rely on a larger needle (again, don’t use a rusty one!) to go horizontally through the joint so you can pull it out, I also kind of pulled the joint apart, but oh well.

Once they are out, well I guess you could try and repair the joint, but I personally would not trust it again. So, now off to salvage a joint from another of his faces, so it’s not that big of a loss considering you can only display one at any given time.


Oh yeah, if anyone is wondering why i was using rusty pins/needles, well, i just grabbed them out of a box without looking. As i said, learned the hard way.


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