Ryoko Kaminagi by Alter Preview

Ryoko Kaminagi is a character i have always remembered, which is quite the feat considering her  generic school girls design.

Yet amongst all the green and purple haired vixens which make up anime heroines, she has managed to earn a place in my top five of all time.

Alter’s release is looking great, with a simple pose and a detailed sculpt which manages to capture her essence perfectly in my opinion. Her cheerful disposition was also something of a stark juxtaposition against the shows gloomy and depressing themes, and the cheerful smile and dynamic pose distils this perfectly.

All over you can see the love that has gone into this, with every inch seeming to scream detail, from her School Emblem, to the creases of her clothes and not to forget her trade mark camera which looks amazing when you consider the price.

Nice to see a base which borrows from the stylisation of the show as well, plan black and beige bases can be such a bore and too many companies seem more then happy to pump them out.

Coming out later this month, thought you will be lucky to get a pre-order in this close to the day

Images Via Akiba Hobby


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