Revoltech Edward Elric Preview

Shown a couple of months ago with almost no announcement was Revoltech Edward Elric. Quite strange considering the shows popularity, but other then the fact that it was coming, we knew almost next to nothing about it.

Until now, Cybergundam blog has posted some new images, that not only show Edward in more detail, but also what accessories he will be coming with.

The transmutation effect part looks quite cool, and it’s nice to see they put the little extra detail, in terms of the Manga’s effect stylization, rather than just recolouring one of the normal effect parts.

As expected, he comes with both his automail arm and the transmuted blade version. The faces looks pretty much what you could expect, save for the enraged one, which you would be all too familiar with when he was called small.

While, the sculpt and accessories look great, there are two things which look to really detract from this figure.  The joints look, to put it bluntly bad, too put it another, awkward.

The elbow and hip joins are far too pronounced, not that I know what they could do otherwise; not being a sculptor, but surely there could be some other alternatives. Also worth noting that the joints on the wrists seem to stand out, I blame the stark contrast between the white and red.

The second problem and there is not really much they could do to avoid this, is with his coat. Just like Vash the coat tails on are separate joints so you can pose it how you like. Unlike Vash however it looks a little cumbersome and and unnatural.

Those two problems aside, I think the sculpt is winning me over, despite the fact I have the G.E.M Edward, I think I might have to get this.


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