Code Geass OVA: Fabulous Knightmare Frames

Looks like Bandai have not given up on Code Geass after all. With that OVA which seems to have floundered about, at doubt from time to time, fans were unsure if we were going to see any new merch anytime soon.

GA Graphic has some info on two new Robot Damashii releases based on Knightmare frames set to appear in the new OVA, which is currently aiming for a mid 2012 release (It has been postponed once now, so i wont hold my breath) .

The garrish red and gold frame is apprantly the “Lancelot Grail”, no, Suzaku wont be piloting this one. Promo art seems to suggest it will be a female pilot, but there is no info other than that at the time.

The second, looks a little like a combination of the first generation Sutherland and the Black Knight’s Akatsuki, with some Rihno Beetle attachments. Does not seem to have a name at the moment.

Could be the new grunt unit? Who knows.


I am not sure how i feel about the designs, will probably have to wait to see them in action before i make up my mind. I guess their hands are kind of tied from a creative stand point when it comes to this OVA, given that the show more or less runs parallel with the first season, so they can’t have anything too crazy or it would make no sense for them not to have appeared in the original Code Geass.

Of course, Sunrise and Bandai could just say ‘Fuck it’ and go wild, to sell more kits and merch. So, who knows what they will do. Either way, i am looking forward to the new OVA.


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