WonFes 2012: Snow Miku Nendoroid

With WonFes 2012 creeping ever closer, it’s time for Good Smile Company to unleash some details on their most coveted exclusives. As it has been with many a winter WonFest of the past, this years sees yet another Snow Miku join the ranks.

I had always been tempted in the past to get a Snow Miku, but, it was just missing something to push me over the edge. This years however, will probably be the one to finally make me take the plunge.

Where the other Snow Miku’s had more or less been just a repaint of the normal Miku attire, this one actually looks suited to winter! There is something about that coat which wins the design over with me.

As could be expected, she comes with microphone, as doesn’t any decent vocaloid need one at all times? Secondally, she comes with a shovel, cause winter and all. Along with the standard assortment of faces you can expect with a Nendoroid.

Most interesting is the LED lightup base which will be included, complete with a mock ice sculpture Miku.

Preorders are set to go up for around the 12 of February, which will be up on the International GSC store (hooray for that right).


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