WonFest 2012: Akemi Homura School Uniform Ver. Nendoroid

Someone at Good Smile Company/Max Factory must love Homura, with two of the four winter WonFes exclusives being her school uniform varient.

Much like the Madoka School Uniform Nendoroid, it more or less resembles the normal release, but this time with her school uniform (duh).

She does have some added bonuses though, which just might be enough to coax the staunch ‘no double dipping’ among you into picking this up.

Those being, a new hair style with Madoka’s ribbon, bow + arrow (whatever) and last, but not least her iconic wings.

Honestly, it would be nice if those could be bought by itself, in a sort of add on pack (i can’t believe i am suggesting Bandai style tactics here). As buying a completely new Nendoroid, an exclusive one at that, just for these accessories is a little, OK, not something i and i am sure many want to do.

Like the other WonFes 2012 exclusives, it will be available for preorder from the 12th of February on the Good Smile Company International Store for ¥3,500.



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