WonFest 2012: Akemi Homura School Uniform Ver. Nendoroid

Someone at Good Smile Company/Max Factory must love Homura, with two of the four winter WonFes exclusives being her school uniform varient.

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WonFes 2012: Snow Miku Nendoroid

With WonFes 2012 creeping ever closer, it’s time for Good Smile Company to unleash some details on their most coveted exclusives. As it has been with many a winter WonFest of the past, this years sees yet another Snow Miku join the ranks.

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A new appreciation for your Japanese Toys

It’s easy in this day and age to forgot what goes into making a product. With almost everything just a couple of clicks away, even the effort we used to muster to make our way to the store has evaporated.

I wonder if these people are really smiling?

Because of that, we, and don’t try and deny it, suffer from massive entitlement complexes on more then on occasion. When it comes to merchandise based off Japanese toys, this is true. Our carefully laid out budgets and plans are thrown into disarray when a company delays a figure, nendoroid or model.

They should all just use magnets. Seriously, best idea ever.

Good Smile Company often cops a lot of flak in this regard, with some items suffering delays one month after the other. I know i am guilty of it, when a few Nendoroids of PVC slip into the next month, a month i planned to save money. WHY DO THEY DO THIS TO ME!? It’s not really a selfish though, but sometimes seeing how our pointless little Japanese toys are created can you give you prespective on the matter.

Mika-Tan over the past year has already done two tours of the Good Smile Company factory in China and her latest blog post rounds it out for the third and final chapter.

The heads, they cry out in horror.

The term mass produced will give most people the image of an automated assembly line, while it should have been obvious this was not the case, but you never know do you. The images from Mika-Tan’s blog really do show what a time consuming and probably delicate process making sure our hunks of plastic are as close to perfect as possible is.

So Close, yet So far (i don't know what that is meant to mean)

The delays GSC and other companies experience become a bit more understandable when you realise how the toys are manufactured.

There are of course, many more images on Mika-Tan’s blog post, as mentioned above, be sure to give them a look.

Will this stop me from complaining. No. No it wont.

The Most Useless Character in Bakuman gets a Nendoroid

That of course means, none other then Azuki is getting the Nendoroid treatment to go alongside Mashiro and Takagi.

Mika-tan has put up a preview of the up and coming Nendoroid Azuki.

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Code Geass: A Knightmare named Alexander

Along with the two new, and possibly enemy, Knightmare Frames, there is also a model coming out based on the ‘main’ frame from the up and coming OVA, Alexander.

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Code Geass OVA: Fabulous Knightmare Frames

Looks like Bandai have not given up on Code Geass after all. With that OVA which seems to have floundered about, at doubt from time to time, fans were unsure if we were going to see any new merch anytime soon.

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Revoltech Alphone Elric, Who is surprised?

Following the release of some new images of the Edward Revoltech is the little, bigger brother Alphonse.

It’s just one image, but i have to say, i like what i see. Out of the two brothers, it is clear who is more suited too the action figure treatment.

Here’s hoping the final product keeps up with this one promo pic. Let’s also hope they include ‘Bad Ass’ Alphonse from his fight vs Kimberly and Pride.

No news on release or price, but i am sure that will appear sooner or later. I wonder who else from FMA will get the Revoltech treatment?

Image via MFC