WonFest 2012: Akemi Homura School Uniform Ver. Nendoroid

Someone at Good Smile Company/Max Factory must love Homura, with two of the four winter WonFes exclusives being her school uniform varient.

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WonFes 2012: Snow Miku Nendoroid

With WonFes 2012 creeping ever closer, it’s time for Good Smile Company to unleash some details on their most coveted exclusives. As it has been with many a winter WonFest of the past, this years sees yet another Snow Miku join the ranks.

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The Most Useless Character in Bakuman gets a Nendoroid

That of course means, none other then Azuki is getting the Nendoroid treatment to go alongside Mashiro and Takagi.

Mika-tan has put up a preview of the up and coming Nendoroid Azuki.

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YUKIMURA!! Nendoroid Preview

Shown, what now seems, ages ago, Nendoroid Yukimura is set for release in the next few weeks, and Akiba Hobby has some preview images just in time, for those of you still on the fence.

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Ghetto Nendoroid Repairs

It’s the sound all toy collectors fear, that slight bump, the hiss of the slow slide and worst of all, the loud crash that rings out in the void of night.

Then, there is the combination of all three. A sliding book leads to one thing falling, which in turns causes a poor nendoroid to plummet to the floor, not the first time it has happened, but it is the first time that one ended up with a broken neck joint and my first attempt to try and repair it.

The nendoroid in question was Mashiro from Bakuman, so among the ruins of his desk he laid there lifeless, his head and body separated at different ends of the room, so I guess he managed to fall with some force – I would have hated to see if it was not on carpet.

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