Revoltech Alphone Elric, Who is surprised?

Following the release of some new images of the Edward Revoltech is the little, bigger brother Alphonse.

It’s just one image, but i have to say, i like what i see. Out of the two brothers, it is clear who is more suited too the action figure treatment.

Here’s hoping the final product keeps up with this one promo pic. Let’s also hope they include ‘Bad Ass’ Alphonse from his fight vs Kimberly and Pride.

No news on release or price, but i am sure that will appear sooner or later. I wonder who else from FMA will get the Revoltech treatment?

Image via MFC


YUKIMURA!! Nendoroid Preview

Shown, what now seems, ages ago, Nendoroid Yukimura is set for release in the next few weeks, and Akiba Hobby has some preview images just in time, for those of you still on the fence.

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Revoltech Edward Elric Preview

Shown a couple of months ago with almost no announcement was Revoltech Edward Elric. Quite strange considering the shows popularity, but other then the fact that it was coming, we knew almost next to nothing about it.

Until now, Cybergundam blog has posted some new images, that not only show Edward in more detail, but also what accessories he will be coming with.

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Ghetto Nendoroid Repairs

It’s the sound all toy collectors fear, that slight bump, the hiss of the slow slide and worst of all, the loud crash that rings out in the void of night.

Then, there is the combination of all three. A sliding book leads to one thing falling, which in turns causes a poor nendoroid to plummet to the floor, not the first time it has happened, but it is the first time that one ended up with a broken neck joint and my first attempt to try and repair it.

The nendoroid in question was Mashiro from Bakuman, so among the ruins of his desk he laid there lifeless, his head and body separated at different ends of the room, so I guess he managed to fall with some force – I would have hated to see if it was not on carpet.

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Ryoko Kaminagi by Alter Preview

Ryoko Kaminagi is a character i have always remembered, which is quite the feat considering her  generic school girls design.

Yet amongst all the green and purple haired vixens which make up anime heroines, she has managed to earn a place in my top five of all time.

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Comiket 81: Zero Suit Samus

Hot on the heels of Figma Samus is the PVC of Samus in her Zero Suit.

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Comiket 81: Figma Samus

In a surprise display which sent waves through the toy collecting community around the world, Max Factory revealed that it had somehow managed to secure the license to create both a Samus Aran Figma and PVC.

Recently at Comiket 81, Max Factory had the prototypes on display for all to see and thanks to Moeyo those who were unable to attend have been able to get a better look.

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