Blogging 3.0

So, this will be about my third attempt at starting and maintaining an active blog. In the past, I have tried and failed, mostly due to a lack of motivation, isn’t that a problem so many of us are facing these days?

Looking back on it, I think it was that my focus was scattered, I could not decide what to write about. Holing me into just being about anime was far too limiting, especially when interests go further into ‘Geekdom’ then that

So what do I hope to continue (and I will!) posting about here? Well, yes anime, there is that, though I don’t watch it all much anymore, I guess that could be an entire post in itself.  Video Games, I mean, who does not like Video Games?

Toys, yes, toys, the drug that is probably more expensive then Heisenberg’s Meth – Both action figure and anime PVC news and reviews, probably more reviews then news.


A hobby I have found I picked up recently, without really knowing it mind you, was collecting Video Game T-Shirts. I am not talking about the ones you can just get at Jay Jay’s (The Australian equivalent of Hot Topic, more or less), but the more subtle and design minded shirts, from the likes of [but not limited to] Fangamer and InsertCoin. I hope to do some reviews of T-Shirts I own (something I have no idea how to even approach) and post a little news when they are busting out some new merch, so not only I will have to depart with my money.


TV Shows, well TV recaps seem to be all the rage these days right? I hope I will be able to do some of these.

Blu Rays

Lastly, not sure how I forgot this one, Manga, not so much the content of the manga, there are plenty of places that already does that, but the actual manga releases themselves. After the collapse of Tokyopop, I can’t help but notice a surge in release quality by those still in the game, so yeah, that’s what I want to write about in terms of manga.


So all in all, I am hoping to stick at blogging this time and anyone who is actually reading this, I hope you will keep coming back, hope to hear you from in the comments!

– Kyonove