Revoltech Alphone Elric, Who is surprised?

Following the release of some new images of the Edward Revoltech is the little, bigger brother Alphonse.

It’s just one image, but i have to say, i like what i see. Out of the two brothers, it is clear who is more suited too the action figure treatment.

Here’s hoping the final product keeps up with this one promo pic. Let’s also hope they include ‘Bad Ass’ Alphonse from his fight vs Kimberly and Pride.

No news on release or price, but i am sure that will appear sooner or later. I wonder who else from FMA will get the Revoltech treatment?

Image via MFC


Revoltech Edward Elric Preview

Shown a couple of months ago with almost no announcement was Revoltech Edward Elric. Quite strange considering the shows popularity, but other then the fact that it was coming, we knew almost next to nothing about it.

Until now, Cybergundam blog has posted some new images, that not only show Edward in more detail, but also what accessories he will be coming with.

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