Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition Gameplay

When this game was announced, the internet was shocked, confused and excited, all at the same time. With good reason, i think this is the one Pokemon game no one saw coming.

Some gameplay footage has finally surfaced and it is looking pretty good. It’s a wonder it has taken so long for a Pokemon game in this vein to come to fruition, seeming it more or less goes hand in hand with the style of gameplay.

I still don’t like the chance of this game seeing a English release. Too bad though, i could see this being a gateway into the other Nobunaga style games for Pokemon fans in the west, they could create an entirely new market!

Random Note: I never realised how big the DSI XL was until today. It’s kind of temping to get one to play DS games on, seeming they lose almost all sharpness on the 3DS.

Videos via MrJapanjp on YouTube


The Most Useless Character in Bakuman gets a Nendoroid

That of course means, none other then Azuki is getting the Nendoroid treatment to go alongside Mashiro and Takagi.

Mika-tan has put up a preview of the up and coming Nendoroid Azuki.

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Code Geass OVA: Fabulous Knightmare Frames

Looks like Bandai have not given up on Code Geass after all. With that OVA which seems to have floundered about, at doubt from time to time, fans were unsure if we were going to see any new merch anytime soon.

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Revoltech Alphone Elric, Who is surprised?

Following the release of some new images of the Edward Revoltech is the little, bigger brother Alphonse.

It’s just one image, but i have to say, i like what i see. Out of the two brothers, it is clear who is more suited too the action figure treatment.

Here’s hoping the final product keeps up with this one promo pic. Let’s also hope they include ‘Bad Ass’ Alphonse from his fight vs Kimberly and Pride.

No news on release or price, but i am sure that will appear sooner or later. I wonder who else from FMA will get the Revoltech treatment?

Image via MFC

YUKIMURA!! Nendoroid Preview

Shown, what now seems, ages ago, Nendoroid Yukimura is set for release in the next few weeks, and Akiba Hobby has some preview images just in time, for those of you still on the fence.

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Revoltech Edward Elric Preview

Shown a couple of months ago with almost no announcement was Revoltech Edward Elric. Quite strange considering the shows popularity, but other then the fact that it was coming, we knew almost next to nothing about it.

Until now, Cybergundam blog has posted some new images, that not only show Edward in more detail, but also what accessories he will be coming with.

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Ryoko Kaminagi by Alter Preview

Ryoko Kaminagi is a character i have always remembered, which is quite the feat considering her  generic school girls design.

Yet amongst all the green and purple haired vixens which make up anime heroines, she has managed to earn a place in my top five of all time.

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